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Junk Removal Pricing

For your convenience, we handle the loading of your unwanted items into our dump trailer. We generally haul away 4-6 full size pickup truck beds in a single load.

We leave you in control of pricing with our simple volume based approach.

Single Item - $100

1/4 Load - $150

3/8 Load - $225

1/2 Load - $300

5/8 Load - $375

3/4 Load - $450

7/8 Load - $525

Full Load - $600

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Payment Options





Credit Cards

Large Items

Large & Heavy Items such as:




Hot Tubs

These types of items are bid by the individual situation.


Please Contact Us for a FREE quote on all Large Items.

Additional Costs

To ensure proper disposal, the items below have additional costs:

Box Spring - $15

Mattress - $15

Tire - $15

TV (Excludes Rear Projection) - $30

Wet Latex Paint (1 Gallon) - $10

Prohibited Items

We CAN NOT accept the following Items:



Propane Tanks

Oil Based Paint/Stains

Hazardous Waste

We may be able to provide good guidance as to

how you can dispose of these items.

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Service Area

We regularly service these areas:

  • Wilson County

  • Davidson County

  • Rutherford County

  • Williamson County

Outside our regular service area? No problem.  Contact us for your personalized quote.

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